Help Us Help Your Student



By Ellen Richter-Norgel, Associate Dean for Students and Retention

Mapworks is a powerful online communication tool dedicated to the academic and personal success of our students. This tool offers year-round surveys to capture the student’s self-reported challenges as well as successes.  It is the primary tool faculty and staff use to insure students do not fall through the cracks, through making referrals and connecting with students.

On September 25, the first Mapworks survey will be launched to all undergraduate students.  It is so important that our students complete the survey.  Their responses allow faculty and staff to immediately become aware of any concerns or challenges the student may be experiencing.  Then we can reach out and provide the necessary support.

Students benefit from user-friendly survey reports and knowledge of campus resources. The University benefits from the ability to make efficient referrals, the tracking of student issues and the ability to access informative reports for assessment, retention and overall student success. Students who share similar concerns for example, undecided about a major or, test anxiety, will be invited to timely workshops based on their expressed needs.

Rose Goren, a Physical Therapy Assistant program student shared how the Mapworks program helped her achieve academic success during the 2015-16 year.  Rose shared that after going through a very scary time with hip surgery, she was completely at a loss for how she was going to continue in her program at St. Kate’s.  After completing the Mapworks survey, she became aware of who she needed to contact to get answers to what she needed. “It was so nice to have something tailored to me; it [Mapworks report] was exactly what I needed.  It changed my whole college experience because it gave me the tools to evaluate my current situation from an unemotional standpoint and create a plan for how I was going to move forward.”  She shared that the report provided “clear access to all the people that I needed to contact, (financial services, academic success staff, and academic advisors).  Together we created a plan for how I was able to return to school after my surgery.”

Survey administration during the 2016-17 year will take place as follows:  September 25- all undergraduate students (Fall Transition survey). November 5-all first year students, (Check-up survey); and, February 19 – all undergraduate students (Spring Transition survey).  Students are provided great incentives by completing their survey within one week of the survey administrative date.